Strongly build the company to become the first brand of "circuit board quality and credibility", committed to leading the PCB small-batch production industry

Dongguan Yaocheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned Hong Kong company (Weiyuanda Industrial Co., Ltd), which provides global PCB fast proofing, small and medium batch circuit board production and manufacturing enterprises. The factory is located in Chang'an, Dongguan, just one bridge to Shenzhen Apart. The factory has a construction area of ​​1 square meter, a monthly production capacity of 2 square meters, and a monthly production of up to 5,000 varieties. Committed to becoming a world-class service provider for medium and small batch circuit boards and model brands of circuit boards.

On the basis of the PCB manufacturing business platform, in order to better serve customers and provide customers with personalized one-stop service, the company actively launched the "design-manufacture-SMT placement-plug-in-assembly test" one for small-batch PCB orders. Station service model. Effectively help customers shorten product production cycles, reduce product production costs, and improve customers' market competitiveness. The company's products are widely used in high-tech fields such as domestic and foreign communications, industrial control, medical care, automobiles, security, and scientific research. The company is committed to providing high-quality, fast and satisfactory PCB R&D, design, production, and patch assembly services to customers at home and abroad. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity creates quality, and quality wins the market", and strongly builds the company to become the first brand of "Circuit Board Quality and Reputation", and is committed to leading the PCB small-batch production industry.

Shenzhen Shajing Zhihui Center 2018

Building 3, No. 7, Mulin Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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